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Name of the resource CiTiP Blog
Center Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI)
Person of reference Jef Ausloos
Reference email address
Brief Description A constantly updated blog of the Centre with posts about ongoing research and current legal issues in the IT/IP sphere.
Prior Knowledge Required None
Target Students Bachelor Students, Master students, PhD students, Continuous education / lifelong learning, General Audience
Topics of interest Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Bots, Cloud Computing, Consumer Protection, Copyright, Corporate Crimes, Creative industries, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Digital Economy, Digital Identity, E-commerce, E-Govenment, E-health, File Sharing, Free Software, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Information, Fundamental Rights, Information Law, Innovation, Intellectual Property, Intermediary Liability, Internet Censorship, Internet Governance, Internet of things, Linked Data, Machine Learning, Media Literacy, Media Psycology, Media Regulation, Network Neutrality, Open Access, Open Data, Open Government, Privacy, Public Domain, Public Health Information, Robotics, Social Media, Surveillance
Language English
Length / Duration Currently 73, but constantly updated
Accessibility of the Material Anyone can access the material through the web
License Type Closed License (Copyright)