Internet history and research

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Name Internet history and research
Center Center of New Media and Society, Moscow
Person of reference Polina Kolozaridi
Reference email address
Brief Description The course is aimed at introducing different angles for understanding new media and Internet technologies.

The first part of the course comprises review of theoretical approaches and history of technology in XX and XXI century. It is focused on the utopian and dystopian expectations and outcomes and gives understanding of how Internet Studies elaborated. History of technology development includes studying of alternative media and shaping of most prominent technologies. We stand more precisely on the books by Manuel Castells, Herbert, Marshall McLuhan and Barry Wellman. From the social history we move to the more diversified view on what is happening now. The second part of the course is theme-based. We study key works about politics and governance, cybersecurity and privacy, rules and norms in online-communities, education and medicine, e-government and online-protest, everyday life and robotization, social networking and Internet of things, Digital Divide and identity, copyright transformation and sharing economy. The final part is focused on empirical research that is conducted or reviewed by students themselves. We study different methodological approaches and students conduct own research or write essays (depending on course audience).

Prior Knowledge Required None
Outcomes expected
Target Students Continuous education / lifelong learning, high school students
Topics of interest Digital Divide, Digital Economy, Digital Identity, File Sharing, Internet Governance, Media Literacy, Privacy, Social Media
Language Russian
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Duration Duration::
Is the course cyclic? Yes
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Fruition It is possible to follow part the course online but a part must be taken in presence.
Final Exam Yes
Final Credits No, the course does not give any accreditation.
Is the course open to everyone? No
Online Material Yes
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Accessibility of the Material Anyone can access the material through the web
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