Introduction to the Information Society

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Name Introduction to the Information Society
Center Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
Person of reference Eduard Aibar
Reference email address
Brief Description Introductory course to the social implications of ICT and the Internet
Prior Knowledge Required None
Outcomes expected Basic knowledge about the main aspects of the Information Society
Target Students Master students
Topics of interest Business Models, Copyright, Digital Divide, Digital Economy, E-democracy, E-Govenment, Innovation, Media Regulation, Social Movements, Sociology of Work
Language English, Spanish
Webpage Not available
Syllabus Syllabus::Not availabe
Teachers Francesc Núñez
Duration Duration::100h
Is the course cyclic? Yes
Other points of contact
First Edition 2006-09-15
Last Edition 2016-02-20
Mailing List The hole course is online
Fruition It is possible to follow the course entirely online
Final Exam No
Final Credits Upon completion of the course students receive academic credits
Is the course open to everyone? No
Online Material No
URL of Video Material
URL of Audio Material
URL of Presentation or Slides
Url of Other Material
URL of Online Textnote or Lectures
Accessibility of the Material Only students enrolled in a specific course can access the material
License Type Closed License (Copyright)