MSc in Social Science of the Internet

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Name MSc in Social Science of the Internet
Center Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
Person of reference Vicki Nash
Reference email address
Brief Description Course reading lists and brief intro videos
Prior Knowledge Required None
Outcomes expected
Target Students Master students
Topics of interest Big Data, Copyright, Data Protection, Digital Divide, Digital Economy, Digital Identity, Digital Rights Management, E-democracy, E-Govenment, Freedom of Expression, Fundamental Rights, Global Governance, Information Law, Intellectual Property, Internet Censorship, Internet Governance, Media Literacy, Media Regulation, Network Architecture, Network Neutrality, Privacy, Social Media, Social Movements, Surveillance, Virtual Ethnography
Language English
Webpage OII MSc Programme (tabs within this page provide links to syllabi)
Syllabus Syllabus::
Teachers OII faculty
Duration Duration::
Is the course cyclic? Yes
Other points of contact
First Edition 2009-10-01
Last Edition 2016-08-01
Mailing List No
Fruition The whole course must be taken in presence, online activities are just auxiliary
Final Exam Yes
Final Credits Upon completion of the course students receive academic credits
Is the course open to everyone? No
Online Material Yes
URL of Video Material
URL of Audio Material
URL of Presentation or Slides
Url of Other Material
URL of Online Textnote or Lectures
Accessibility of the Material Anyone can access the material through the web
License Type Oxford University copyright