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This is a property of type String and it is imported from foaf:firstName (Friend Of A Friend).

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Abraham Bernstein +Abraham  +
Adam Lodders +Adam  +
Alba Hancock +Alba  +
Alek Liskin +Alek  +
Alek Tarkowski +Alek  +
Alekos Pantazis +Alexandros (Alekos)  +
Aleksandra Kuczerawy +Aleksandra  +
Aleksandra Przegalinska +Aleksandra  +
Alex Pazaitis +Alex  +
Alex Pessò +Alex  +
Alexander Weisser +Alexander  +
Alexis Collomb +Alexis  +
Alfonso Vara +Alfonso  +
Alicia Solow-Niederman +Alicia  +
Alison Gillwald +Alison  +
Amar Ashar +Amar  +
Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas +Ampalavanapillai  +
Amy Zhang +Amy  +
Ana Azurmendi +Ana  +
Ana Enriquez +Ana  +
Andrew Lowenthal +Andrew  +
Ang Peng Hwa +Peng Hwa  +
Anna Mazgal +Anna  +
Anne Polster +Anne  +
Antoinette Rouvroy +Antoinette  +
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