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Used to annotate a person with his or her position in his or her main organization. E.g., "managing director".

Technical note: this property has some semantic affinity with [1], but it has a different (much simpler) domain and range.

This is a property of type String.

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Abraham Bernstein +Professor  +
Adam Lodders +Executive Officer  +
Alba Hancock +Program Coordinator  +
Alekos Pantazis +​Junior Research Fellow, Tallinn University of Technology and Core Member, P2P Lab  +
Aleksandra Kuczerawy +Doctoral candidate  +
Alex Pessò +Academic Coordinator  +
Alfonso Vara +Researcher. Coauthor of Spanish Chapter of Digital News Report  +
Amar Ashar +Manager of Strategic Initiatives  +
Amy Zhang +Project Coordinator  +
Ana Azurmendi +Director  +
Ana Enriquez +Fellow (2013-2015), CopyrightX Head Teaching Fellow (2013-2015)  +
Antonio Vetrò +Director of Research  +
Antônio Lima +Researcher  +


Ben Wagner +Senior Researcher  +
Bert-Jaap Koops +professor of regulation and technology  +
Bianca Reisdorf +Assistant Director  +
Bodó Balázs +senior socio-legal researcher  +
Bryce Newell +Post-Doctoral Researcher  +
Burkhard Schafer +Director  +


Carlos Affonso Souza +Director  +
Catherine Kent +Project Officer  +
Celina Bottino +Director  +
Charo Sádaba +Board of Directors  +
Christian Fiesler +Managing Director  +
Christian Katzenbach +Research Group Lead Internet Policy and Governance  +
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