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Institute of Network Cultures
Classification Participating center + , Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) +
Country Netherlands +
Description The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) an
The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) analyzes and shapes the terrain of network cultures through events, publications, and online dialogue. Our projects evolve around digital publishing, alternative revenue models, online video and design, digital counter culture and much more. The INC was founded in 2004 by Geert Lovink, following his appointment within the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. A key focus is the establishment of sustainable research networks. Emerging critical topics are identified and shaped in a practical sense. Interdisciplinary in character, the INC brings together researchers, artists, activists, programmers, designers, and students and teachers.
ers, designers, and students and teachers.  +
Discipline Media theory + , Internet criticism + , Contemporary arts + , Philosophy + , Humanities +
Full name Institute of Network Cultures  +
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Short name Institute of Network Cultures +
Twitter @INCamsterdam  +
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Institute of Network Cultures + , Institute of Network Cultures +
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Choose How You Feel; You Have Seven Options + , Collection of the Institute of Network Cultures publications + , Digital Desolation; Amateurs, Aesthetics, and the Aging of Web’s Architecture + , Digital Publishing Toolkit + , Digital Tailspin: Ten Rules for the Internet After Snowden + , Filorete Flock: A New Form of Network in an Emergent Democracy + , Geoblocking and Global Video Culture + , In the Facebook Aquarium: The Resistible Rise of Anarcho-Capitalism, Ippolita + , MoneyLab Reader: An Intervention in Digital Economy + , Online Courtship – Interpersonal Interactions Across Borders + , Playful Mapping Collective, Playful Mapping in the Digital Age + , The Dark Side of Google, Ippolita + , The Ends of the Internet + , The Ends of the Internet, Boris Beaude + , The Internet Revolution: From Dot-com Capitalism to Cybernetic Communism by Richard Barbrook, with Andy Cameron + , The List Serves: Population Control and Power + , Theory on demand + Center
Geert Lovink + Member
Institute of Network Cultures + Short name
Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam + redirect page


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