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Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS)
Classification St. Petersburg + , National Research University Higher School of Economics + , Research center +
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Country Russian Federation +
Description Laboratory for Internet Studies is a team
Laboratory for Internet Studies is a team of researchers from a variety of disciplines who have come together to do a pioneering research of issues that can not be addressed from within separate braches of science. Our mission is to study the Internet as a unique social, economic, linguistic and technical phenomenon. We also seek to learn more about the society that has “inhabited” the Internet and found it to be one of its natural modes of existence. For these goals we develop and adapt mathematical methods, algorithms and software. All our projects are collective and include people with various skills and of different stages in their careers – from undergrads to PhD students to mature researchers. This enhances mutual enrichment and exchange of ideas. We support creative atmosphere and peer communication in our Lab; we welcome new initiatives and collaboration with business and policy makers and organize multiple events. The results of our effort may be found in our publications.
r effort may be found in our publications.  +
Discipline Economics + , Linguistics + , Sociology + , Software development + , Mathematics + , Computer science +
Full name The Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) at National Research University Higher School of Economics  +
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Project Improving the Methodology of Automatic Text Analysis + , Mapping Ethnic Attitudes in the Russian Blogosphere + , Network Classification Algorithms and Packet Switching + , On-line and Off-line Realms of Social Movements + , Open Database and a Crowdsourcing Website for Development of Sentiment Analysis Instruments + , The Impact of the Internet on Protests: Cross-Country Analysis + , Recommender Systems + , Public Agenta and Public Opinion in the Russian Blogosphere + , Livejournal Libra: the Blogosphere and Political Mobilization in Russia during the 2011-2012 Election Cycle + , Comment-based Communities in the Blogosphere + , Friendship Networks in Online Communities of the Social Movement "Saint Petersburg Observers" + , Livejournal Topical Structure Analysis + , Construction of the Problem of Police Brutality in the Russian Blogosphere + , Commentig Structure of Livejournal + , The Development of a Methodology for the Network and Semantic Analysis of Blogs for Sociological Purposes + , The Structure of Social Ties in Online Communities: Comparative Analysis of Online Groups on SNS + , AIDS-Denialists and HIV-Relevant Communities in SNS + , Social Capital Online: Vologda City + , Improving the Methodology of Text Mining + , Topic Modeling Algorithms + , Interethnic Relations on the Internet +
Short name Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) +
Topic interest Social Media + , Social Movements + , Topic Modeling + , Text Mining + , Social Network Analysis (SNA) + , Sentiment Analysis + , Big Data + , Interethnic Relations on the Internet + , Online Communities + , Social Capital Online + , Social Network Sites (SNS) + , +
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Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) + , Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) +
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Oleg Nagornyy + , Olessia Koltsova + , Sergei Koltcov + , Svetlana Alexeeva + , Yadviga Sinyavskaya + , Yuri Rykov + Member
Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) + Short name


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