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This page provides information on the data visualizations under construction. Please note these data viz represent data collected until 31 July 2015 (update forthcoming).

  • All NoC scholars with a profile in this wiki. By moving the pointer on a name, other scholars with at least one topic in common are highlighted. The higher the number of common topics, the thicker the arc that connects two names. Scholars are distributed in the perimeter in pure alphabetical order. (This data viz was obtained using the node.js library. This library, based on the script language Javascript, allows to extract and reuse data to obtain an easy-interpretable map.)
  • A tag cloud based on the description of each NoC Center, highlighting recurrent topics / concepts / entities. Not a collection of keywords that appear in the single descriptions; instead, we elaborated abstracts via TellMeFirst (TMF), a software - developed at the Nexa Center - that classifies texts using Wikipedia entities. The "occurrency rank" viz is based on the number of times TMF identifies a given concept as a topic; the "weighted rank" also takes into account the relevance of a given concept / topic in a Center's description (as observed by TMF).